Fashion has always been running in her blood since the very first time she decided to be a fashion student in LaSalle College Jakarta. Her curiosity towards the brand always keeps her mind to stay up-to-date and to immerse into fashion industry deeper than before. After she graduated from college, she made a very serious decision, when mostly her college fellow started off their own brand, she changed the game by making one of the most phenomenal event in Bandung. If you ever happened to go to TRADEMARK Market or TASTEMARKET Bandung, you are right, she is the woman behind those events. In 2016, she also took her professional makeup school at Glauca Rossi School of Makeup in London for three months, it’s because she is also passionate in makeup industry. And through this website, she eagerly wants to share her own perspective about the things she has learnt, it’s either about the brand until what most people really need. And those things will be transmitted through this website, in hope to be the most ultimate reference for Bandung’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle.