Woohoo, i’m so excited!
Cause I just did the makeup look using my all time favorite makeup brand, Charlotte Tilbury. Yes, I get straight to the point this time. Charlotte Tilbury is one of the beauty persona that i adore. She ever stated that “I want to make every woman the most beautiful version of themselves, which pretty much the same with my (beauty) life motto. If you been following my blog, I ever mention that in my opinion, women better be looking more beautiful in their own version, rather than putting a full cakey makeup on their face that turns them into someone else. Charlotte also ever trained at the Glauca Rossi School of Makeup, London. The same makeup school that I took. Kay, you can see where this is going. The point is I adore her and her brand because we have have visions in common.

Sooo, I dedicate this blog post to talk about Charlotte Tilbury. I’m gonna be making, sort of one brand tutorial, using of course the Charlotte Tilbury makeup. In the mood for smokey type of makeup, so I’m thinking about making kind of rock chic look. Since I only use the Charlotte Tilbury product, the following tutorial will only mention the type or the name of the makeup collection. Okay, let’s start!

1. First, I used the Magic Foundation and blend them up with damp beauty blender. Set it with Airbrush Flawless Finish in Medium shade.
2. Then I contour my cheekbone and forehead with Film star Bronzing Powder and Highlight duo.
3. Next, I put a Cheek To Chic blush in shade Love Glow to freshen up the look.

4. Okay, for the eyes I used the The Rock Chick Eye Kit. First, i used the Prime shade all over the lid. Then the Enhance to darken the outer corner as well as Smoke on the outer corner, followed with Pop shade which has more glitter using my hand on the center of my lid.
5. Then I framed my eyes with the Rock ‘N’ Kohl eye pencil as my eyeliner.
6. I did the eyebrows using the Brow Lift shade Super Model. Super easy to use!
7. For the mascara I used the Legendary Lashes in shade Black Vinyl.
8. Finished up the look with the Lip Cheat lip liner in shade Pillow Talk and blend them in. Put a nude lip color ( Penelope pink)  to enhance the eye makeup.


Who says making smokey eyes is hard? Not for me!

I will always gonna share several type of makeup in the easiest possible way. For me, I will pull this look for a night out with friends or just match it black evening dress to create a drama look in your total appearance. How about you? What kind of smokey eyes do you prefer?


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