Have you seen the Diorshow mascara campaign with Bella Hadid?

I personally really love the makeup look that shown in the campaign. It’s basically supposed to be highlighted on the mascara, but the blue eyeliner caught my attention. I adore how the blue color really enhance the eye in a simple way.



Okay, let me create this look for you. Actually the steps are pretty simple yet the result is quite a head turner. Again, i’m gonna focus on how to create the eye makeup and leave the rest as simple as it can get cause my basic makeup routinity was no different than before.



Here are the steps:
1. First, do the basic makeup as you usually do. Well, the primer, concealer, foundie, and loose powder routine that you were most comfortable to wear.
2. Next, prep your entire eyelids with eye primer to make the product you’ll be using stays longer.

3.Then, you can use any neutral color shimmer shadow as a base and apply it all over your lid until under the brow bone. Then top it with brown color shadow to intensify your crease.
4. Now for the eyeliner i used the black eyeliner from Dior first i work on the blue color. It’s to outline and define your eye shape.
5. For the blue eyeliner i used electric blue liner from NYX and on top of that i use the Urban Decay Electric blue eye shadow to set and intense the blue color. Apply it on top and bottom waterline.
Since i’m imitating the look of Bella Hadid in Diorshow campaign, so i used the Diorshow Pump and Volume mascara  for my eyelashes this time. Don’t forget to curl them first. I always use the Shu Uemura eyelash curler.
6. For the Lips i used the Charlotte Tilbury in Miranda May and Bitch Perfect. Keep the lip color simple and natural cause you wanna make the eye makeup pop. By the way, blue and nude brown? Perfect match.
7. For the eyebrows i used the Brow Wiz from Anastasia Beverly Hills to fill them up. Super easy.
8. Then, i contour and highlight a bit on my cheekbone, nose, and forehead just to give a bit dimention on my face and not looking pale.

See, pretty easy, right? Anyway, a little talk about the Diorshow mascara itself, the bristle came in a big tappered shape with a stiff and sturdy wand. The down side of big wand is it could easily make smudges on your eye area, so you must correct those mascara stain on your skin as soon as possible. The tube is quite squeezable, which kinda cute, so you can squeeze the product out while pumping it. It is a little bit clumpy, but still normal i guess, as long as you can comb the clump off and fix it. Yet, the staying power of this Diorshow mascara is great, it didn’t come off and held the curl nicely. A good investment for a high end mascara brand. I’m impressed.
So that was it, girls! How do you think? Am i succeed? LOL. I recommend this kind of eye makeup if you wanna put color on your eye makeup without getting too dramatic. It’s kind of versatile i guess, cause you can apply it for casual hangout or for the night out, it goes for both occassion. Yayness!





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