Hello again!

Now here, i’m gonna be sharing you another favorite eye makeup of mine. The glossy lids! I really love to apply the glossy eyelids. When i studied in London, everyone was obsessed with glossy lids, especially for the photo shoot. Not only in the UK, Kylie Jenner also been doing this adorable glossy lids and is very popular in US, and in Australia, and…..well almost the entire world perhaps. LOL. This eye makeup always steals the attention around. Still in the ‘family’ of shiny or shimmery makeup, but this just a lot easier. Sadly it’s not very popular in Indonesia.


So today i’m going to share with you my version of making the glossy eyelids with a little trick. I chose pinky peachy tone for my eyelids this time. This is the color that i choose not really often, so I feel like doing it with the pinkish shade for this post. I’m gonna be focusing to talk about the eye makeup and leave the rest of my face really simple. Do you agree?
Here it goes:
1. First step and the most important one is to prime your eyes. It’s a must cause you want to make the eye shadows pop.
2. For the eye shadow color, i went to use Too Faced Peach Palette. I put the shade Summer Yum on my crease.This could also act like the transition color.
3. Then i mixed the shade Just Peachy and Candied Peach together and applied it to my entire lid. I also used the same color mixing to put onto my bottom waterline.
4.After that i added a little of Puree shade with a wet brush just to give a hint of shiny color.
5. Now this is the fun part, after your eye makeup is ready, you can put the gloss all over the lid. You can either use transparent lip gloss, face oil, or Vaseline. This time i used Vaseline for this look! Cause not only this is moisturizing, but also very easy and efficient.
6. For the lips, i used 3 combo lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury in Bitch Perfect, NARS gloss, and top it all with Charlotte Tilbury lip gloss. The color really match with my eye makeup which I really love.
7.For the brow and eyelashes, well I just did the same old drill. Curl the lashes, put your holy grail mascara on. Then for the brow I usually use The ABH Brow Wiz to keep it natural.

The rest of my face? Well, girls, don’t over-do it. Put the best foundie, set it with mineral loose powder. Done.





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