How important is makeup brush for you?
I have never realize how important it is to invest on the best brushes until i studied makeup in London. Before i studied makeup, i were always pick any brushes to apply my makeup. Never really care and don’t really know that an eye shadow or foundation will be marvelously well blended if you have the right tool. I even ever been in those dark times when i always use the brush that comes along with the products. HA-HA! Which i realize now that it is a big NO. Well, at least for me. It’s totally up to you if you still wanna use those free brushes that comes within the packaging or the product, considering the efficiency or even when you on travel, but for me? Maybe i won’t do it anymore. Yeah, they usually comes in a poor quality, though.

My teachers in London told me that: “Having the right brushes for a makeup artist is like having the right painting brushes and canvas to play with.” True. When i studied in Glauca Rossi Makeup School, London, we (the students) were taught to use lame quality brushes to apply our makeup. It was such a struggle! Can you imagine the pigmentation that hardly pop out because of the brush, the powder that fall out, and the patchy blend. Ugh! Then, by the end of the term, we were able to use any best makeup brushes that exist in this world! Hahahah! After that, i realize that to train your skill you have to start from the hardest. If you nailed it, you deserve a “five stars” and it’s also a stepping stone for you.

So from now on, i always bring my decent brushes wherever i go. I know that i have to invest more money on these brushes, but it’s totally worth, because i believe that these brushes will give me a good result. I have numerous choices of good brushes, but…..for someone who loves traveling like me, of course you have to be selective on which brushes to bring. So, here i would like to share with you my favorite brushes that works best for me:


~ Right to Left~
1. Zoeva (104) Buffer Brush – I use this to apply my foundation, bb creme, and everything creamy to my face. This doesn’t leave strokes of foundation (which i hate) on my face, but blends perfectly.
2. Zoeva (128) Creme Cheek – I use this brush for my blush on, either creme or powder.
3. Morphe G2 Brush – I use this to blend my under eyes concealer, the round shape make this perfect for blending the under eyes. one of my all time favorite for under eyes.
4. Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender – One of the first eye blending brush i have ever bought, i love it so much. I love how soft it blends my eye shadow.
5. Zoeva (230) Luxe Pencil – I use this brush for the outer corner of my eyes if i want to create a smokier eyes and also to put eye shadow under the eyes.
6. Zoeva (322) Brow Line – From the name it sounds like this is suppose to be used for your eyebrows, but i use this for the upper eyelid, with a black eye shadow, to create a liner effect. Sometimes if I’m in a rush i dont want to take so much time to put eyeliner, hence i use this brush to create an eyeliner effect.
7. Zoeva (232) Classic Shader – This brush is good for patting eye shadow to my lid.
8. Morphe (E23) – This is a bigger version of blending brush than the Charlotte Tilbury one, i use it to blend the eye shadow before finish to soften the look. Then, i also use this for highlighter brush, cos it’s small, so this can give me more specific glow on my cheeks.
9. Morphe E3 – This is my ‘go to’ powder brush, i use this commonly to powder my face.
10. Morphe M143 – Contour and bronzing brush. This is like a fan brush but more fat and big, so this really good for contouring my cheekbones. I bought this brush after watching Nikke Tutorial’s video. After I tried it, oh gosh, she is right! This brush is everything for contouring!

So, that’s it, girls! Do we have things in common? I still wanna explore another range of brushes, though. If you have any other suggestions or we have similar things regarding experience or preference, share with me pleeease! Would really love to hear from you.



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